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Full Version: Greengene & Samsung LM301b +Red
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Looking forward to seeing how this side by side goes. Thanks
Jeez I happen to be watching that grow too.. Sucks he molded up. I wonder how it turned out other then the rot? Seems to me the photo boost side looked a bit more filled in. I need to get on the LED wagon someday...
Wow that is a fancy light! Just being dimmable is a nice feature on a light but being able to really tweak the spectrum like that would be fun to play with for sure.. what's the price tag look like I wonder??
Aloha & $830 including delievery to the USA.
Damn I thought it would be more! Still that's allot if you need 5 or 10 of em ha.. ive had good results using LED for supplemental lighting but I think the tech has advanced enuff (and come down in price enuff) that I might experiment whith something like this.. would be great during summer prob cut down on AC. How close are they getting to sunlight spectrum nowadays??