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Email received today from Dan F. - Heather HereNow - 03-18-2019

Dear SHN,

I only recently learned about you folks through watching the Dude Grows Show, another recently discovered gem in the sea of information out there, but who I've quickly grown to respect for their content and counsel. Guests and supporters get near automatic respect for that fact, and James Bean has been no exception. Your commitment to the community and business philosophy, like all who seem to be in their orbit, are on full display here by stepping up on the Patch Adams seeds issue.
I'm far more excited for these 5 regs genetics! Fingers crossed for the Congolese, but always excited to pop another bean!
I only just completed my first ever serious grow in 40 years of friendship with cannabis, now as medicine. Dispensary was helpful for figuring out strains and means of ingestion that are helpful for managing my symptoms, but way beyond my means as a daily medicine. Growing my own is the only option I have, and I split my first harvest with a friend whose wife is in the same financial boat.
I've been close to many growers over the years and have had a lot of knowledge dumped on me over the years, and it has been a spiritual journey finally having the chance to put it all in to practice. It's been grace after grace to get to this point in my life and grow, and a deal like this to a man of meager means, but rich in graces, only reinforces my experience with the cannabis community throughout my considerable years of life.
Thank you so much, and God bless.