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Testimonials 1/15/20 (3) - OregonsOwn - 01-15-2020

Blain F: Made For Me

I grow in the SoCal desert. My environmental window of opportunity is compressed. The Grow Sisters offering from HSO of a variety of feminised seeds is a perfect fit for my situation (4x4 Gorilla with an Infinity variable-speed fan and Kind 1000 LED). Pop 6 seeds, plant directly to big pots, grow out the best looking 4. Blueberry Muffin, BigFoot Glue, GS Cookies. Should be fun.

Sam M: Godzilla OG

Great customer service!!! [Image: 1f44d.png][Image: 1f44d.png] very fast shipping, takes just two days to receive order in Southern California. Legit strains and great deals. Thanks

Ryan R: Customer service rocks.

My order was processed very fast. There was a back ordered item and they were in contact the next day and got it figured out and I had my order two days later. Love these guys. Will be buying from them again soon.

I’m gonna use you guys for all of my next orders because this really was above and beyond. Admittedly I haven’t used tracking numbers in the past and it was bound to run out of luck at some point. Especially around the holidays. From now on I will only used tracked packages. Learned my lesson for sure. Again, I can’t thank you enough for being so cool. The other sucky part is I put a nice drawing in the envelope to of a trout growing mushrooms off it’s back lol. I always send little paintings/drawings when I send money

Matthew R: Always great service good people

Always great service good people with great genetics

Dustin W: Top notch

Arrived promptly and in good safe condition. My third order with them and I’ve never had an issue.

Dami D: Great Service

I have ordered from you guys multiple times and you all have always been quick with delivery. Most of my seeds come up too.

John V: Easy

Easy ordering, received quick. will be repeat customer. Pumped for some chem/sour

Shaun S: Perfect thank you very much and for your guys info I deal with a lot of different seed banks and by far you guys have the best customer service, very much appreciated.

Shane H: thank you so much you guys are the shit much love and respect

Paul K: Excellent service

Rick S: My order was correct and delivered in good time. I will definitely be ordering more.

Ryan R: Great selection and fast shipping.

These guys are great. They have a huge selection and shipping was very fast.

Matt S: Great company

Never had an issue with seedsherenow, always fast shipping once they receive the money order.

Matthew H: Couldn't have been a better experience

Seeds came promptly, packaged well and included TONS of freebies. Thank you "Bear", I will not be going anywhere else.