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Testimonials 1/31/20 - OregonsOwn - 01-31-2020

L.R.: Deep south

Absolutely the best outfit to deal with! No problems what so ever! My products arrived in a flat week, and all of this with snail mail! Some of the products may be only a couple bucks more than other places, but you get what you pay for! My new Go To for sure!

Juan M: Amazing support staff and Company

Wow amazing will be doing buissness for years to come amazing support and Staff

Michael R: painless

painless transaction.easy to get your product,simple service on their end

William W: Have used SHN now for over 4yrs and have had no problems, they back there products, ship fast, and i have received immediate support one time when i did have an issue. Definitely one of the top seed cos. out there if not the best on the west coast.IMO

Jessica C: Packaging is professional [Image: 1f44c-1f3fd.png] delivery

Packaging is professional [Image: 1f44c-1f3fd.png] delivery on time [Image: 1f64c-1f3fc.png] (I’ll let you know the rest in a few weeks[Image: 1f62c.png])

Diego H: Seeds here now is the best way to get seeds

I was surprised to receive my package so early after I sent out my payment. The package was discreet, professional and had a tracking number. On top of that they sent me some free candy and I got some good seeds by FastBuds. I will definitely buy some more seeds from this site because of the reliability.

Paul G: happy

always satisfied with seeds here now.Very fast delivery!

Frank M: Simply the best

Simply the best place to get your gear online!

Matthew R: Awesome gear

Scott H: Money Order and Presale

I was sceptical about sending a money order initially but I pulled the trigger and was pleasantly surprised with the process. I order a presale of Humboldt Seed co. Trainwreck and Vanilla Frosting. Took about 2 weeks due to being presale. Satisfying that I now have seeds for the summer.

Bryon Wilkinson: Seeds here now .com the best of the best

Seedsherenow customers service is second to none

Edward  L: Scoops

I loved the service and all 12 of scoops popped successfully by day 3 out of rockwool cubes and r lookin fat

Gary W: Happy

All the seeds popped beautifully. Didn’t take long to get here.

Chris H: Very quick to receive

Barry W: Seed review

These is the best place to get genetics amazing Strains great prices just straight WOW

Daniel G: Great customer service.

Everything arrived fine. Thank you. It is nice to be able to deal with US companies for seeds. (Customer from Wyoming)


Confirmed just picked them up! Thank you so much and thanks for the surprise freebie! I love working with you guys. Always a pleasure. -Pat

Chris P: Hurry up and wait

Nice prompt delivery. We will wait to see what summer brings. All good.

James W: First time

Excellence in customer service, your team rapidly informed me of an error I had made in the payment process and was quick to do everything necessary to get it corrected. Looking forward to ordering again!

Ira K: Quick delivery. Sent money order.

Quick delivery. Sent money order. Happy customer

Corey M: Seeds here now

Had no trouble finding what I wanted on your site

Lewis D: Great experience

Always professional. Thank you

Bill J: Best seed bank in the industry!

Seeds here now is the absolute best , nice freebies and great services!

Ann Long: You are very awesome PeopleAnd that was very Fast service I Wasn't even In the check out line that Long at all. I don't know how to thank you enough and I'm very pleased with your customer service your reliability is a one and that's a A 1 Have a wonderful New Year In many blessings to your Entire team and company.

Dan D: The best

I have ordered many of different packs of seeds always get my products your the best

Donald W: Obsol33t Alien Sour Apple

Quick discrete service from seeds here now, and a lotta love from Obsol33t genetics with this 5 pack from the dgc hookup. Pumped to have these genetics in hand!

Peter M: Received seeds in a very timely fashion. Ty

Diego H: Dank seeds, fast shipping

I enjoyed the fact that my seeds came within 4 days after my payment and didn’t get my sh*t seized by the punks at US Customs. The seeds worked and enjoyed how professional they were packed by SeedsHereNow

Paul M: Great customer service !

Very happy with my purchases. Got quick responses to emails. Fast shipping. Have made several purchases and well definitely make more. Thank you again.

Bryon P: Prompt service. Amazing selections. Bye

Prompt service. Amazing selections. Bye bye, bad, old days!

Sean L: Fantastic

Great service, great seeds!!!

Sean L: The best

The best place to get your seeds period!

Tom D: Thanks so much!!! I got the extra goodie you mentioned adding and I wanted to make sure I thanked you guys. Outstanding customer service and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely appreciate it!