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Last weeks Emails - OregonsOwn - 05-06-2019

Bear I'm speechless. Not only did I get my order once again in a very timely manner I found a unbelievable surprise. You told me you may find a little something for the misunderstanding on my last order. I'm thinking couple of pieces of candy maybe if I'm lucky a seed. I'm 67 and can honestly say this was a surprise. Thank you so much Bear
Best regards

Hello Dusty & Becky,
We want to thank you both for the help with getting our order out and the issue we had with Zodaka.  Especially we'd like to thank Becky for thinking on her feet and noticing that only small orders had gone through Zodaka and then offering the idea of splitting our order into smaller amounts, which ultimately was the only way we were able to get our order completed. Thank you also to all other SHN team members who expedited the shipping of our order by sending it out on a Saturday and throwing in some free gear.  SHN's response as a team has won our continued business, Thanks.
Best Regards,
Silvia & Brandon 

Wow! That was quick and you are awesome! Thank you for getting back to me and for your patience!! Have a great day!!


Excellent service as always.  I will continue to promote, and share this experience with others.


I just wanted to tell you how great of a firm you lot are running!  From the very first order many moons ago where shipto stole my stuff.
Not only did you step up to the plate and argue my cause with them but when the thieves still refused to budge you stepped up once again found another way completed my order and all at no extra cost to me. And i have never had a problem since.
With morals and ethics like that there is no other company i would rather do business with!!
Id like to think im great at finding phenos but in reality its all down to you lot and the hard work thats done to get them to me in the first place, everything ive had as been fire.
And to top it all i even get a sweet to remind me of home and this time some freebie seeds, bonus!!

So once again i just wanted to say a big big thank you to each and everyone in your firm you do an amazing job.

Take care, have an amazing stress free day and no doubt ill be spending more of me monies anytime soon

Best wishes, Eddie.

Becky you are one of the best customer service reps I’ve dealt with. I’ve tried a lot of different banks and only one other place has equal service as you guys and their selection is no where close to yours. Thank you for the way you handle things.