Duke Diamond’s Vault – Chemdog x C99 Feminized


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Chemdog x C99

Flower Cycle: 58-69 days

10+ feminized seeds per pack

Flowering Time- 58-68 for short phenotypes, and 63-69 for taller phenotypes.

Morphology- grows like a kush plant. They veg just right, not too tight and not too much node spacing. They have a nice strong branching pattern that goes more vertical at a 70-80 degree angle.

Lineage- Chemdog “clone only” x Cinderella 99 Female Pollen Donor

Pest Resistance-Medium High

Mold Resistance-High

Mildew Resistance-Above average

Stress Resistance Notes- Passed Heat, Cold, Light intensity, Over Watering, Drought

The taller pheno stretches a bit more than double in flower and the shorter pheno is double the veg height. It’s very hard hitting on the exhale of the first toke. It goes right to the chest and head. The onset is fast and puts you in the zone where music sounds better and everything is happy. Certain phenos have a candied pineapple chem after taste on the back end of the exhale with others being more chemdog dominant. Very stoney and mellow, with mild narcotic effects overall. Grows a dominant cola on plants that have been super-cropped to allow lower branches to come up 6″ below the apex. A regimen facilitating higher calcium uptake for weeks 1-5 and high magnesium for weeks 5-6 will benefit the grower. A lighter to median NPK feeding regimen will work best for most growing styles.