Duke Diamond’s Vault – Headband x Afghani


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Headband x Afghani

Flower Cycle: 60-68 Days

10+ Regular Seeds Per Pack

The idea here was to make certain clone only varieties are suitable for outdoor and indoor production using an Afghani to strengthen branching and add pest/mold/mildew resistance in addition to a faster flowering time. Phenotype expression shows a typical 1-3-1 ratio; a mother dominant, 3 blend of the two parents, and a father dominant. The Afghani in this hybrid took a lot of the stretch out of the Headband, and in certain phenotypes, shortened the flower time. The sour dirt rubber aromas to the sour hashy pine aromas seemed to dominate the smell and flavor of the hybrid. Branching became stronger and yields went up.

1:1 to 1.5:1 stretch ratio.