Bloom Seeds – Sour Garlic Cookie BX


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Bloom Seeds – Sour Garlic Cookie BX

Sour Garlic Cookies x Sans Souci

12 Regular Seeds Per Pack

SGC was bred with the intent to make the most raunchy, sour, Chemdog-dominant hash strain. Started with Mamiko Seeds’ GMO Cookies to pass along it’s chemdog-like resin glands and pollinated her with a reversed Sour Dub (the uncrowned king of sour flavor, IMO). The dreaded long flowering time of GMO did not pass to its progeny – SGC finishes in 8-9 weeks, make it 10 if you like them ripe (I do). Expect plants with medium/high flower yields, and heavy yields for water hash. Flavors range between raunchy burnt-eraser chem and sweet lemon-lime sour.

Mamiko Seeds’ GMO Cookies
Reversed Sour Dubb

Sour Garlic Cookies has a mix of strong burnt-eraser chem and sweet lemon-lime sour flavor. Provides a nice calming high but doesn’t put you to bed.

Moderate to heavy feed, pk boost late. Loves light. Best when flowered to 70 days. Easily cloned.