Snow High Seeds – Panty Dropper SE


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Snow High Seeds – Panty Dropper SE

(Dirty Brownie (Girl Scout Cookies x Hells Angel( OG Kush x True Gangster Kush)

Flower Cycle: 8-12 weeks

5 regular seeds per pack

Panty Dropper is a combination of our extremely potent and frosty killer Dirty Brownie (Girl Scout Cookies x True Gangster Kush). We made the Dirty Brownie years ago while pollinating the best OG Kushes that were selected after a massive multi-garden grow of various OG Kushes and its hybrids, trying to find the best of the best that fit our selection criteria. Out of 50 plants of the True Gangster Kush line, we grew all 50 out and worked them down to the best 2 males for the ultimate OG Kush projects. SnowHigh not believing in using females to gather pollen for their strains.