Archive Seed Bank – Poochie Love


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Archive Seed Bank – Poochie Love

The Legendary PNW Dogshit x Face/Off OG BX1

Sativa 70/30

THC: 21-24%

Flower Cycle: 75 Days

Yield: Average

12 Regular Seeds Per Pack

The legendary PNW Dog Shit. As terrible as the name is, the variety that bears the name is a Pacific NorthWest legend almost as well documented as Big Foot! Sure to please the most demanding Sativa connoisseurs, her legendary high, aroma, and smoke left every seasoned smoker with a shit eating grin and the crowds at concerts rubber-necking looking for the source of the heavenly aroma. In the days of covert smoking, a funny name always kept people guessing what was really being discussed, and I’m sure many a passer-by wondered, “were those kids really talking about smoking dog shit”? It’s true, but not true to the name, this herb is anything but shitty. A clone brought from the Midwest to Portland Oregon in 1994, she has been lovingly passed and preserved ever since. A 12 week flower time shines through owing to her likely Columbian/Punta Roja Red Heritage from equatorial sativas. Thin leaves, beautiful large trichome heads and a stretchy dominating stature in the grow room. She wants all the light and isn’t afraid to take it. Her aroma is a dark dank sweet haze emanating through a cloak of tropical mystical fruit punch funk with a potency that is unrivaled.