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Blueberry muffin
I'd really appreciate any and all information I can get about Humboldt seed company's blueberry muffin. How does it grow, different phenotypes, etc. Thanks ahead for any replies.
Hi everyone, 11 days into 2 blueberry muffin and two ak47 from Humboldt seed company. They are all in fox farms light warrior and will be using biobizz starter pack. Under one HLG 260w dimmed 50% at 30" from plants in a 6' deep x 3.5' wide x 7' tall area. I have a second 260w ready to use once they get bigger. Any input would be nice as well. 1st time run and new to a forum, listening to the dude show interviewing James Bean right now. Thanks Much!!
Thanks headys, man that's just what I wanted to hear. Got some blueberry muffin flower and it smelled exactly like artificial blueberry muffin mix with like a persian bready bakery muffiny br3ad type smell but it was such crazy loud artificial blueberry tones coming off of it so i had to pick up a pack I got 23 in my pack instead of 20 so that's cool too
(03-11-2019, 05:05 AM)northwestheadys Wrote: I just finished up the Blueberry Muffins regulars from seed.   The pack says 45 days but 2 of mine went for 51 and 2 went for 54 days of 12/12 lighting.   Strong blueberry smell during flower.  Carbon filter may be needed very terpy.  The flavor i get is very similar between my 4 plants i ended up with.  A little slow on the veg but the stayed short and bushed out really nicely.  Normal to good yield.  Flavors im getting from flowers not quite cured is blueberries all the way and the smell is fruit and berries.  Reminds me of a good cut of the original dj shorts blueberry from a while back.  I don't get any muffins taste or smell anywhere its straight blueberries for me but im still looking for the muffins.  I will run this strain again im loving it.  Mine needed a lot of defoliation to keep the airflow through.  Very bushy dense structure with lots of leaves so good to open it up and let it breathe.

Thanks for the post! I finally got a pack of regs and was happy to see the info! New to the forum btw and looking forward to more stuff like this!

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