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Welcome to the Bog Seeds forum!  Got to love these new digs...Let’s all have some fun and thank SeedsHereNow for all this.   
                                            The BOGs  Cool
Hello BOG, been following you since about 02-03ish on O.G. Had great results from your sweet Cindy 99 ordered off of the boutique in 05 I think. Hope this forum takes off, these guys run a good seed bank.??
Yes, SeedsHereNow is the place to go for your seeds my friends. We have found working with them to be most rewarding and they are the most straight talking seed bank around. All the breeders here work with SeedsHereNow at events and now here on these forums as well as the store.

I can vouch for the honesty and integrity of this establishment and I have a role in making sure everyone’s needs are met. Bog
What's up Senor BOG! Good to see ya here. Always a huge fan.
Good to see you on a forum BOG.. now bring back the vacuum.
Can do ... Did You all see the new Strain Drop! Sour BluTooth is finally on sale and she’s a beautiful beast. Test plant results coming soon and it’s incredible. Fast growth and massive size growth in flowering. This will be my new Gorilla Blue Glue!
Hello Bog,

Could you please give the make up of the Sour Blu Tooth. Is it Blue Moon Rocks x sour Cindy x Sour Bubble?

Thank you,

Herb T
What's up BOG can't wait for the New
(02-14-2019, 03:11 PM)Herb Tarlek Wrote: Hello Bog,

 Could you please give the make up of the Sour Blu Tooth. Is it Blue Moon Rocks x sour Cindy x Sour Bubble?

Thank you,

Herb T

I believe it's  his Blue cindy (Sweet cindy x bmr) x Sour bubble

just like old times BOG

[Image: picture.php?albumid=72189&pictureid=1718480]
Yes,  we made a stepping stone with Blue Cindy and this happened synchronistically which is how some of us breed.  You see I had grown BMR outside the previous summer then the following year I grew Sweet Cindy.   A volunteer female came up in spring and I let her be pollinated by the Sweet Cindy.   We sent out testers but never sold any as they were mainly for a later time.

They showed great yields and were promising but I wanted something very special.   I had selected a special sour bubble male that branched well and was much like my old original SB clone I still have after 18 years.  We have high hopes for Sour Blue Tooth but it’s new so we really don’t know and selections will be taken for later on of course.

She vegges very fast and the hybrid vigor of this SBT is off the charts!   The structure is stout and they grow on quite a bit in flower.  Five weeks veg in a three gal pot and the females were 3-4 ft tall and now after a month in flower they are 6 and seven ft tall!  

My intuitions tell me these SBT seeds are precious.   I know quality when I see it.  Get some soon!  BushyOG

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