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Present Garden just started week 2 of flowering
This is my current garden under (4) xl1000 KindLED and (2) 1200w Vipar, as we are in mid week two of flowering (day 10). I will
add (2) more xl1000 KindLED and (2) 1200w Vipar around week 5 of flower.  All in 5 gallon containers, with Strawberry Field soil
and Heavy 16 Nutrients.  This is a mixed garden grow of 15 Strains which are (Triple OG), (Cinderella 99), (White Cherry Truffle),
(Vanilla Berry Pie), (Rose Especial), (Blueberry Blast), (Testarossa), (Forbidden Candy), (Creme Rose), (Royal Salute),
(Lime Pop '87), (Eureka Lemon), (Miami Heat), (Sorbetto), (Glue BXR2)

I will randomly pull out 1 of each strain and take photos every week of progress starting on week 5, until then I will
just send updated photos of all strains growing together. All strains were purchased as seeds packs from SHN, except for
Lime Pop '87, Testarossa and Forbidden Candy.

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Excited to see what you get out of that Rose Especial. I've tasted two different cuts of it. One of em i'd put in my top 3 alltime most pleasurable smokes with 30+ years smoking experience.
Wow awsome line up u got! I'll be keeping An eye on this... Nice work, good looking plants
Now we are in the mid start of week 3 (day 17).  I had to add 2 more 900w Vipar LEDs to the grow as some of the plants

spread a bit more than expected....will keep updates going through the entire grow...

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Looks Great!!! Very healthy
Thank you for the kind words....appreciated.....

Photo Set 1 and 2 (Week 4)

We are now in week 4 (day 24) of flowering...plants have slowed growth, buds are developing and its time to turn on
the air scrubbers, even though this is a completely isolated and sealed room, all precautions are taken.

I will start next week (week 5) to pull put some of the different strains and take photos of the entire plant with flower
growth and development until harvest...

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