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Light Spectrums matter
Cannabis and LED Lighting studies.

Canada 2018.
Interesting Article, thanks for sharing! The only thing that stood out to me as a little odd, was they only flowered for 46 days, either they have a really fast finisher, or they pulled the crop way too early. I have noticed that LEDs tend to knock a few days off the harvest window, but not a few weeks. Along those same lines of thinking, I wonder if the increased levels of THC/CBD was only due to the LEDs making the plants finish a little earlier. Either way, I like my final product way better under LED so I will stick with that, and this data seems to support that, even if the study may have been a little flawed due to a possible early harvest.
Aloha & What surprised me about the Valoya research was the 4.6k color spectrum for Cannabis. The new Samsung General Horticulture strips will be 5.1K. A little more blue than most growers have been using.
What an outstanding blog! thanks a lot for your sharing. keep it up please
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