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480w qb with 301h 3500k IR+UV switch
Just kinda getting into theese QB style LEDs... 
This new one I picked up has 3500k 301h Samsung diodes and 660nm (as do most boards now) but this one also has uv diods with a switch to turn on and off plus IR with on/off switch... 
Has anybody else used a light like this? Has anybody used new 301h diodes? I mostly use led for supplementing my hd lighting... So far iv been pretty happy with the quantum boards (nice to not have to build it myself this time!) Theese are the new horticultural chips tho (301h not 301b) they don't seem alot different then the b... 
Board came assembled and wired with dimmer and seperate on/off switch for both uv and ir. All I had to do was mount the driver. 

I'll put some kind of update once I get this light on and put a run in w it... 

If anybody wants to share their expierences w qbs or any other LED grow lights please feel free! 

I only have experience using the Advanced Platinum P300 LED light with indoor growing so I don't have any reference to how well other lights work relative to mine but I've been really happy with the results. It has 12 bands of light including UV and IR in their spectrum. It has two switches- a veg and flower switch. You use both switches in flower and just the veg switch early on. In veg it take about 100 watts on average and with both switches around 180 watts. I'm not sure what diodes they use.
Hey yea those are awsome lights! I have a budy that has 3 of them... He swears by em... Expensive little buggers lol but worth it from what ive seen.
Do you flower with it?
Yeah, I use it throughout the plant life cycle and I can't complain at all.  It was more expensive than an hps or cmh out the door but with a five year warranty, no need to replace the lamp,  no heat issues and the savings in the electric bill I think its actually cheaper than a hps or cmh pretty quickly. And compared to a lot of equivalent LED lights out there they are dirt cheap at under $400. All in all I will probably buy another one of these soon and expand to two tents.

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