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I am currently growing some lambo indoors thats about 2 weeks from finishing I think. Smells great! The few people that have smelled it have all said it smelled like something different. My wife and I both smell a little spearmint through the pine. I have a friend that said "I dont know what that smell is but I wanna spread it on some bread and eat it" she doesnt even smoke.

I popped 3 regular seeds. I got 1 fem and 2 males. The female has sativa leaves but was kinda stocky and didnt stretch too bad. 1 male was definately a sativa and the other an indica. I chopped them both and saved a few clones of each. Took a lot of clones early and I am glad I did.

I'll update with a smoke report when its ready. I also have a few darkstar fems I popped that are probably a month away from getting the flip. I'll post about those later.
How's the LAMBO coming along? Picked some up a couple months ago and it's a strong contender for my next round to be started in a few weeks.
Getting close to chop now... maybe a week

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