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Purple Dahlia Video Grow Journal
Hi Y'all,

I'm going to be doing a Purple Dahlia grow journal starting before germination all the way to harvesting and smoking. I am in now way an expert grower or content creator, so if anyone has any feedback on things I can do better I'd love to hear it. I hope y'all enjoy!

Episode 2 of the Purple Dahlia Grow Journal: Planting the seeds.

Very cool! So far it has really good info for any people new to growing. I will be watching!
Cool, subbed
nice, i hope to watch this to completion
"When you buy stock from a breeder, you are buying the end result of that persons knowledge, experience and taste. That's what you pay the money for, not the name of a variety.""You can do really well for yourself with top genetics and a low budget." ~N.S. R.I.P.
Episode 3 of the Grow Journal is Up! 

Episode 4: Attack of the Transplant is up!

Episode 5 is up and this week I talk about adding worms and an organic straw mulch. 

Check out my germination results bellow. The chart shows how many seeds popped on what day after planting. Total germination rate was 92% with one of the ones that spouted dying soon afterwards. My theory is that I planted it too deep and that it didn't have enough juice left once it made it to the surface. 


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Episode 6 of grow journal is up! This week I'm talking about final germination reports, new camera angles, and cleaning the grow tent. Hope y'all enjoy! Would love to know if anyone else has experience with this strain or either of the parents (Lavender x Screaming Eagle.)

Episode 7 is up! I got a PAR meter, which I use to dial in my lights, apply some beneficial bugs and plant a fresh cover crop. Hope you all enjoy and if you use a PAR meter I'd love to hear what numbers you shoot for.

I just posted episode 8 and I'm fighting off a serious Fungus Gnat infestation. I grow organic so I'm hoping the gnats are living off the soil and not the roots (plants look happy.) Does anybody have an organic solution that they like to fight these fuckers? I have predatory mites and wasps ordered from build a soil and layer out sticky traps.


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