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Purple Dahlia Video Grow Journal
Episode 9 of the grow journal. Anybody know what this deficiencies is? Also still fighting fungus gnats if anyone has any suggestions. I'm still waiting on my beneficial bugs.

Awesome thread man! As for the fungus gnats ive always used a product called Gnatrol...its a biological larvicide so it wont do much for the adults but between that and the sticky traps you should start to get things under control, easy to use just mix in water and water into the soil. Really enjoying the vids keep em comin!!!
Thanks brother, much appreciated! I've gotten it under control with some beneficial bugs, but I'll keep your recommendation in mind when those demons rear their ugly head again.
Episode 10 of the Purple Dahlia Grow Journal: Fungus Gnats on the run. Hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and popping plenty of seeds!

Episode 11 of the grow journal is up! 

I've fallen a bit behind on posting these to the forum so here's a bunch of episodes. I'd love to hear from any one whose grown either the lavender or the screaming eagle. I'm just beginning the flowering cycle for the Purple Dahlias so starting to get fired up for the buds! 

Episode 14 is up and flowering has kicked off!

much props for sticking with this

i'll catch up on it over the weekend
"When you buy stock from a breeder, you are buying the end result of that persons knowledge, experience and taste. That's what you pay the money for, not the name of a variety.""You can do really well for yourself with top genetics and a low budget." ~N.S. R.I.P.
Thanks my dude, I appreciate that!
Episode 15 is up and the purple dahlias are starting to bud!


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