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Catnip Skunk Pheno
This is a cross i have been working on for my old lady.

Original female came from local bagseed. This stuff always came around in early winter heavily seeded. Marketed as The Skunk.

Skunky, Potent, Funk, but very hermaphroditic

The male's genetics are unique to me and i wish i could tell you i knew what it was.(see "German Genetics" post)

i can tell you that i'm 4 generations in and i have selected for male offspring since i have had it with solid results.

This Catnip pheno is something i wish i could share with whoever is interested in it.

It's an F2 selection that has been torture tested and is solid as fuck and i'll be moving forward with it this summer.

Smells like catnip while growing and after chop getting pissy with age, fluffy sativa buds

Tastes like Skunky Kerosene and has a long lasting up type high

It was a big hit around here over the Holidays

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No kidding!! That sounds intresting to me! Mystery genetics always interest me ha... What are flower times like? Id like to see a veg pic if you got one
Thanks j

This one turns out best at 8-9 weeks.

You caught me at a time when i'm making new moms, so these cuts in the pic just show leaf characteristics.

When she grows up, i'll show you the structure.

Got 2 nice ones about 3 weeks out and we're getting excited.
here's the veg pic i promised you months ago @jrj420. this one is from seed and a sister of the earlier pics. for a reference point i'm 6' 3". hope you are having a wonderful summer
Wow that looks amazingly healthy man!! Right on! Thanks for the pic too!
Thing is gonna be a tree !
Is that in a bed ? Or a big pot?
it's in the earth in my pepper patch that i amend with vermicompost at the start of every season, only fed grass clippings after that.

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