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Dirtdiggler yoooooo yup I friggn love that earthy-gass pre98 terps! I am gona do a couple little chucks this spring/summer and plan hitting an OG leaner of kurple fantasy with a couple things.... Deff awsome terps in that 98, underrated imo...
That pheno in the pic of the polecat was squat with almost no strech, double serrated leaf blades, branched strong laterally.. she was touchy with teas and topdress... She preferred RO diet lol. Deff could pick out skunk1 and skelly in there... Stinks real good! Smells like the inside of an old rubber boot with an oil rag shoved in it ha. Nugs are solid and heavy with no red hairs and very little leaf. I'm taken her at 9weeks but she looked like she would have been good to go sooner...

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