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Avocado tech?!?
Has anybody ever tryd this one? 

Id like to get some opinions from other organic gardeners on this tech... 

I have used alot of similar practices either in my worm bins and or in my living soil containers... I recently watched a video on "avocado tech" and employed the technique in a few not ill pots. I will report back on here about how it worked for me... 

I would realy like to spark up a discussion about this topic, ther are many directions one could go... Pumpkins wer mentioned as an alternative to avacado. I have made pumpkin "bombs" in my worm bins and compost piles and find them super effective...  Apples? Tho harder to create a bowl with, I believe would work well based how they act in my worm bins... 

I will elaborate on this tech more soon... In the meen time it would be very cool to hear others expierance ideas and opinion on this tech... 

       As always, big bong cheers ! Hope everybody is smoken good this spring!!!
i've done pumpkins, cantaloupe and watermelon

worms love that gooey shit

you'll find the seeds in your compost years later
Hi guys,
I've tried with avocado and the latter still haven't spared my vibrant plants, is there a more effective gardening technology.
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