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With great service comes great testimonies
Paul: Great service
I haven't popped any seeds yet to be able to speak intelligently about their genetics but the service with these guys is outstanding. I got my seeds in three days from order in a very nicely done package.

John M: Smooth
No problems. I was nervous about ordering. It's legal there, it's legal here but, ..... I haven't germinated my souveniers (yet) but everything about ordering and delivery went smoothly. I'm pretty sure you'll have a repeat customer. Best. Stay safe.

James M: Seeds here now has always stood behind the gear they sell. My gear has always been correct and very quick.

Frank F: Fast
Order process went smoothly. Received my order quickly. Good customer communication.

Graham P: Excellent service and fast shipping. Thank you!

Louis F: Spot on!!
Great communication. Excellent variety! Competitively priced. Have never had any issues with receiving gear! The go to site for quality genetics!!!

Micah S: Fast, quick , and easy
Fast, quick , and easy . Holla .

Richard S: Shop with confidence
The best breeders around, offered by some of the friendliest folks you're likely to do repeat business with. Genuine customer Service and super friendly staff. SHN is the best!

James C: Seeds Here Now
Great service and quick turn around. Not only will I be shopping here again, I will recommend to all!

Stephen R: Get your seeds now
5/6 germination rate. Good product and service.

Ben A: Amazing products and great prices
I love this website. Always the hottest breeders with great prices :+1:Confusedkin-tone-2::+1:Confusedkin-tone-2::+1:Confusedkin-tone-2:

Bill W: Recent order
Exactly as described, super fast shipping

Darren H: Thank you.
Great service everytime! I got the Dude grows hook up, much love from Colorado!

Ronald Y: great service

Jeffery D: Awesome Seedbank
Great selection good service good Communication I definitely recommend this Seedbank

Raphael G: :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Everett J: Lemon drip
100% satisfaction guarantee, I had a small issue with the lemon drip and they made it right, seeds here now is my go to and they really do right by the customer top shelf genetics and top shelf customer service honestly the only place to go to if you need genetics

Roy B: seeds here
Very pleased to have just received my seeds, can't wait to plant them !!!

Ben Bennett
Thank you so much guys for your hard work you seriously are the best team :green_heart:

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