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Expect the best because we are the best!
Shawn B: Good fast service
all good

Ken W: Lemon kush
Great people, multiple transactions now. Trustworthy. And I appreciate the business!

Ryan B: Great service great products!

Brandon D: The best
Really solid all around: seed selection, customer care, fast shipping, integrity. I keep coming back for a reason!

Kevin M: Great Seed Bank
Excellent Seed Bank - Received all orders promptly & even had some freebies which was awesome. One variety I purchased had a really terrible germination rate, but I guess that's just how these things go sometimes.

Kimberley L: Got here fast
I put in my order and sebt off my money order the next morning and had my seeds by the end of the week.

Theresa C: Very please. Kept informed, quick shipment.

Francis S: Honest service
They have great service and are completely legit.

Max W: Simple, Fast, and Quality
Very happy with my order of bird seeds :wink: My order arrived quick and got what I needed, thanks!

Rick M: excellent
great experience. will certainly buy more.

Maurice D: Great fast service

Glenn G: Customer service
Fast Response Via Email.

Freddy P: Great Service!
Fast delivery

Eric R: AAA Customer Service
Highly responsive customer service. My next purchases are already lined up!

Jason M: Amazing!!!
These people are great! Very helpful the whole way through the process. I would definitely use them again.

David M: Sin city/grab bag
Got my order sooner than expected I order the wedding mints and the grab bag I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it came with a good amount of items. I’m super excited to pop these beans.

Michael W: Another great experience
This is the second time I have ordered from Seeds Here Now, and the experience was just as good as the first time. My order was processed and shipped quickly. After a few days, my seeds arrived in the mail in a secure and discreet package. The seeds I received are healthy and viable. I'll definitely order again.

Kenneth B: #1 seed source
Wide selection of quality genetics with fast shipping.

Joshua N: Great transaction.
Very very very prompt handling and shipping.

Daniel C: As Promised
In this age of non banking for cannabis business, it's difficult to know whom to trust and not. My order was shipped to me, in the middle of a Covid outbreak, as promised and on time. The addition of bonus seeds was well appreciated. I would happily do business with these folks. Trust is built by action. Well done.

Angela M: Very pleased with everything Thank you

Erich F: Quick, easy and honest.

Daryl F: Great customer service
This company gave me great customer service, even when I had a problem with a sale item. They fixed it. Plus the seed selection is awesome, keep it up!

Jeremy R: I was very pleased. Very good genetics and professional people.

David R: Great Beans
Very happy with them. All germinated, and sprouted in 2-3 days. Probably not typical for others but they’re definitely strong and healthy.

Jeremy W: Truly one of the best banks
The prices do beat many other banks. The service is great they do care about you and your experience. Handful of renowned breeders.

Mark W: Great service quick delivery quality seeds
You just can’t go wrong with seeds here now .com

Dan W: Excellent experience.
True five star vendor. Easy ordering process, great communication, super fast shipping and 100% germination so far. Grand slam, thank you.

Perry Y: Great Company
Super fast!! I’ll be buying more very soon.

James W: Hands down best beanbank.
I received amazing service and response even during the shutdowns. Their service is phenomenal no matter what. I also got over 30 free seeds with my purchase due to the deals. It came on time and inconspicuous. Sending a money order was quick and easy, worth it to do. In short, buy from !!!

Matthew P: Great Service
The best breeders in the states all available here. Package arrived perfectly in 3 days from order with bitcoin.

Mike M: viable seeds
Great service, super selection, fast shipping. Every seed sprouted! Thank you!

Johnny F: Great customer service
Love their customer service right on point

Michael M: Excellent customer service!
Fast Delivery.

Robert L: Excellent
Great souvenir seeds and quick service! Love this company!

Jeff S: Best online bank
Top notch customer service, good prices, and fast delivery.

Vernon S: Great seeds and FAST
Every time I have ordered from SeedsHereNow I have had my seeds fast and have had great luck with germination. Highly recommend. Prices on hard to find strains at lower prices than any other seed bank.

Daniel B: Very fast!
I ordered from several seed banks, somehow seedsherenow was the last one i ordered from and the first one to show up! Thanks guys!

Brenda P: Excellent seed company

Craig W: Recent order
Quick shipping, no complaints. Will order again

Chad K: Sour Hebrew National
great customer service a great company

Daniel L: Top notch.
They came highly recommended from a friend and I must say they haven’t disappointed. Options are awesome and customer service has been impeccable. They will be my go to from now on.

Luke L: Fast shipping and germination in 48 hours
Will be back for more. Have no doubts about buying from them.

Brooke N: Skeptical at first
I almost didn’t go through with my order because the process was a little sketch to me. So glad I did though! Tracked my money order the whole time and their customer service was always available to answer any questions I had. Definitely giving you business again in the future.

Lael K: Trusted dealer
Everything went smoothly and everything came in sealed Breeder packs! I’ll surly be doing business with them again. Also when calling, the lady is very helpful and nice!

Conor Dunphy
Wow! Ordered about 10 days ago with a personal check and even with that delay, seeds are still here in my hand! Between the helpful and prompt service and updates I’ve had with this order, the speed it got here and the amazing selection of breeders on tap, I WILL BE BACK! Over and over. Top notch all the way, thank you so much to the team at Seedsherenow!

Cobain: Dag!

Very impressive plants. 100% germination rate. Plants grew like they were a topped bush, but they weren’t topped. Solid and frosty golf ball sized buds covered the whole canopy. Smelled like sour green apple during veg.....then took on a fresh tennis ball aroma for flowering . Skunky notes developed as it dried. No ziplock will contain the smell. You'll smell it in someone’s pocket from across the room. No hiding this one. Zippy and upbeat high that keeps you motivated. I was kind of expecting the opposite. American breeders, bringing the shit to the table! Right on Duke Diamond! Top shelf stuff. Use a cautious approach though, one too many hits will have you running to hide under the covers or calling 911..... 911, what’s your emergency? “Uhhh, I’m just a little scared”. Potent. It’ll have you praying to God..... “please help me come down and I’ll never smoke again”. Ok, you get the picture. Review complete. PS.... SHN shipping and customer service is rock solid. Thanks guys.

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