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’88 G13 Hashplant Bx OP - ’88 G13 Hp x ’88 G13 Hp/Afghan OP
Produced 2018 and refrigerated since. Original seeds were from Duke’s Vault. Most expensive pack I ever bought and worth every penny. 9 popped, lost one and ended up with 5 females and 3 males who produced this seed. I have explored this line and you can expect very potent light green indica with nice strong structure and flowers that range from hash lettuce, rocknug or fat stacked calyx chains foxtailing in all directions off the buds, I’ve seen some freaks. Flavors and smells are best described as leathery hash, antique shop, old library/bookstore, or craft store. These plants are hungry, feed them well.
50 seeds/8-10 weeks (newest seed offered but poor germ rates is reason for quantity)
Old Haze Collection - 50 Original Haze x Sk#1 OP, 50 Thai/O.Haze x Sk#1 OP, 25 NL Haze Heirloom
WARNING: It’s best not to feed hazes until you get to know their behavior. Old soil works best.

O.Haze x Sk#1 OP - Produced 2008 and refrigerated since. I used the 5 plants in the pack that flowered reasonably, 2 males. This is great headstash, very long flowering with lanky structure that is hermy prone but has amazing flavors and effects with biggest resin glands of the bunch. 50 seeds/12- 52 weeks

Thai/O.Haze x Sk#1 OP - Produced 2008 and refrigerated since. All the plants in this pack were acceptable, 4 females and 3 males. Very impressive plants best described as jungle weed and very hermy prone. Fresh is the best way to describe the smells and flavors of these. Expect great soaring highs that last for hours in a mix of non bulbous and bulbous tricomes. 50 seeds/12 - 52 weeks

NL Haze Heirloom - Produced 2009 and refrigerated since. Open pollinated outdoor at 38N latitude for decades. These plants don’t like being overwatered and will rot on you if you do. Most have a strong structure and tight internodes which usually have darker leaves than the lanky ones. Smells and flavors are woody, soapy, sandalwood, cedar, frankincense, ammonia and dogshit. Some plants have smell but no flavor. Very potent effect that lasts coming from very small tightly packed tricomes. These plants usually only switch sex if flowered for too long or fed. 25 seeds/10-14 weeks
Skunk Mix - Contains KY Skunk bagseed, Lemon Skunk and Gene(my line)
Produced from 2004-2017 and refrigerated since. This is a mix of steps along the way to find old flavors and highs from my past. Originally bagseed available in KY in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Marketed every winter as The Skunk and came seeded and pressed like mexi brick but it was phenomenal funk. This pack contains some of the original seeds which are very hermy prone as well as crosses with Lemon Skunk and Gene in a quest to find something that is as pleasant to grow as it is to smoke. A wide variety of skunk flavors, effects and structures can be expected. If looking for pure skunkspray it can usually be found in the short, slow vegging, dark and leafy types.
 50 seeds/8-12 weeks

Stupor Lemon Haze - NLHaze(dogshit) x Lemon Skunk/Gene(zesty male) F1
Produced 2015 and refrigerated since, several crosses were made using the zesty male and this was the best sativa cross out of the bunch. He added lemon flavor and bulk to the stinky and very potent but unflavorful flowers of the NLHaze(dogshit)in most plants. A tight sativa structure is the norm. Effects vary but are mostly up and stoney, some people complained of balance problems.
20 seeds/10-11 weeks
Honeysuckle Lemonade - Sweet Indica x Lemon Skunk/Gene(zesty male) F1
Produced 2015 and refrigerated since, several crosses were made using the zesty male and this was the best indica cross and crowd favorite. Most of the plants will fit the description to varying degrees and ratios of honey, honeysuckle and lemon. The Sweet Indica is a potent heirloom with light green leaves, fat buds and floppy branches. The name always puzzled me because the plants from the pure seed are musky/earthy. The sweet came out full force in this cross. Branches are slightly stronger and the effect is heavy indica. There’s couchlock but plants that get you more high than tired are in there too. Feed well.
20 seeds/8-10 weeks

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