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Oregon Outdoor Journal - Seattle Chronic - Purple Sugar Apple
June 6th update.
Windy today, pictures could be better.
The girls are showing more growth, more side to side than vertical. The Purple Sugar Apple is 28" tall. The 5 week old Autos are getting busy, The Gas Reaper Polar Breath is 22.5" and the Humboldt Vanilla Latte' is 27", both are starting to flower. Should be done by early August, late July. Time will tell. Autos have not been topped or trained, just letting them do their thing. Similar number of nodes, the Latte is just stretching more.
The photos are all doing well, it remains to be seen what impact the delay in vegetative growth will do to the overall growth. I'm hopeful, but expect they will not get to be the 6-8 footers I had hoped for.
Hitting them once a week with nutrients 5ml grow per gallon pH 6.8 - 7., and the Hyshield 3 days and one day off, .25 ounce per gallon pH 5.8.

It's only early June so plenty of time for them to amaze me...

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Well we are getting a spell of wet weather this weekend.
The autos are progressing into flower, they have gotten closer in height at the polar seems to be almost as tall as the vanilla. Both are looking good.
Getting ready to pop a couple more seeds into the 15 gal. pots for a total outdoor auto experience.
The PSA is continuing to thicken up as are the rest of the girls, looking for the vertical growth to accelerate here any time.

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