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2020 review
Seemed like a pretty good season this year. A few challenges popped up but all in all pretty good.

I thought I'd share some early impressions as trimming and curing are under way. Flavor and buzz testing has no occurred  yet.

This year's grow:

Humboldt Seed Co.   Vanilla Frosting - Great results here Tallish reasonably bushy. Looking forward to flavor tests. Chosen due samples of Kleen Karma Gardens product in a dispensary. Very well cured.
Humboldt Seed Co.  Royal Highness - Love this one bushy, very productive plant. My wife likes this one for housework.
Humboldt Seed Co. Blueberry Muffin - Pretty early finish, great smells.  Medium sized height good width and branch spacing.
T.H. Seeds Bubblegum - nice grower, buds well formed good yield to size.
T.H. Seeds MK Ultrabubble - Wow this one exploded in size, biggest widest grower nice glossy crystals. High THC/High CBD
Omuerta Genetics Serroquel - Big and bushy lots of leaves, nice looking buds 
DJ Short  First Light - not what I had hoped for was tallish spindly was an early impression. First plant to lose a branch due to wind and weather. Late bloomer, Produced some beautiful purple buds and was quite the surprise change. I will try this one again, seems like it would be happier indoors.

As the season went and I lost a few branches, I installed posts and nets for support and abandoned my let mother nature sort them out stance on supporting them...

No losers in this batch, the Vanilla and Royal Highness are must repeats for me this year. This is based on my wife's preference for those flavors and what I saw during the grow. 
I will update once everything is finished and  I can complete some group evaluations.
Awesome lineup!
Some some results are in:
The MK Ultra Bubble - Wow my medical buddy loves this, "any day, all day, everyday". Nice bud structure, good frosting, firm density, real good yield. 6.5 ft tall, 5 ft wide.

Vanilla Frosting - Wow, lived up to the research and compared very favorably to the professionally grown bud we looked at when deciding to grow this strain. Strongest stalk in the garden this year, good root balls were found after harvest. Great smells, solid buds, exactly what we wanted. 6-7 ft tall, 4-5 ft wide.

Royal Highness was easily my wife's favorite. This one confirmed early impressions as well. Good yield, nice buds, firm, crystals, good branching. 5.5 ft tall, 5.5 ft wide.

All 3 of these provided quality smoke, real good yields and are definitely worth growing again. WINNERS!!!
Was just thinking you might want to know was that 32 of 32 germinated in 2.5 days in jiffy pellets (50mm) using the tomato green house set.
The Humboldt BlueBerry Muffin was the first to finish in the garden. It was fun to watch the color changes and the ripening.
The buds were solid, fragrance was fruity and blueberry prominent.
The smoke was smooth and a winner across the board.

The Serroquel was one of the bigger bushier plants, standard topping yielded a large wide plant. Large buds solidly constructed, needs aggressive defoliation to open it up.
Smoke is potent and can over power if you over indulge, a reliable option for those looking for the couch.

First Light cured into a fine smoke and decent buds.
The Bubble Gum was excellent, and resulted in some really nice buds that were consistent and sweet in smell. Smoke was smooth and invigorating.

All were reasonable results.
The must grow again strains for this year are the Vanilla Frosting and Royal Highness for me.
The MK Ultra Bubble is a must for my medical friends garden.
The others will be grown again another time, if they were to only seeds I had to choose from I would not hesitate to grow any of them.

Looking forward to 2021!!!
This spring I am going to grow Cake Batter strain, It will be my first experience and I wonder what result I could get. I've just received seeds and read the reviews and guides. If you can share some tips, I'll be glad.
(02-22-2021, 01:33 PM)lorenzo191 Wrote: This spring I am going to grow Cake Batter strain, It will be my first experience and I wonder what result I could get. I've just received seeds and read the reviews and guides. If you can share some tips, I'll be glad.

You looking at indoor or outdoor?
You might consider posting on a new thread in so your question is easier to find
There are sponsored grow journals going on that may provide the tips you are looking for.

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