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who's got the flavor!? what's the best tasting flower you have smoked?
Oh I remember the original blueberry days. And the homegrown thing made me bust out laughing. “Nah man, I don’t want that homegrown.”
Thanks for all the replys on this topic people! This thread made it to 2 pages! I'm impressed lol. I always wonder... Did those old skool strains like the sourd and bluberry stand out because the competition was lacking? Or were they really that good?
Blue Satellite x Haze

the long flowering sativa pheno had you walking on clouds that smelled and tasted like the best sweet pink grapefruit ever

it had to be close if not better than the SPG cut, but mine had that soaring high indicas cannot produce

satellite was right, it was stellar
I have never bought tasting flower before but seems like i am gonna buy it, but my friend have Mugwort, when i go at home i smell that, and it's really good, I am just looking for Exotic Genetix but It's out of stock here, I saw it on Amazon, ebay, and Reecoupons, and i am also want to buy tasting flower with Exotic Genetix, can anyone suggest me which one is the best tasting flower i saw that post but i confused?
My favorites are F-cut og and Sativa, they both are my too favorites, they are light and good for beginners if you wanna buy you can start from them.
Best strain I have tried in my 30 years of smoking would have to be the G-13 cuts I was gifted while in Colorado back in 2002...absolutely unlike anything I have yet to smoke, lost the strain after growing it and cloning for almost 10 years...took
many of my harvest grows into So Cal was a hit...

Second would have to be Aficionado (Forbidden Candy)...I was lucky to pick up pa box of these while at a Canna Show..grew
them out 3 years ago and I still have some cuts going. Super tasty terps, the smell is an orchestra of flavors that blend into
a tapestry of thick musk...

Then again, there are so many good strains out depends on the day to day mood of one's own personal choice, I guess...
Hey everyone i am looking for loud smells and flavors.

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