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Oregon Out Door Bad Betty Seed Test
(03-30-2021, 09:55 AM)Myridon Wrote: GOOD MORNING All, Hope you all had a great weekend and hope this week finds you better than the week before. Well this weekend was all about getting the planting area ready. So I do what I do every year to boost my plants growth.
Now this is a unique process and Can not be done by everyone.
So in my back yard I have a small concrete pond. And every year I drain and clean it. Well this is what I do with the Sludge. in the bottom of the Pond.
See Pics.
I mix it into my soil for a great organic compost. I also use the Pond water as a base feed mix before I add the Bat Quango, or the Worm castings for my own Tea mix. I have had great success with this. As can be seen in any of my Harvest picks.
About 1 more week and in the ground they go.
wow, nice...this is new and different to me...your very own unique soil blend..looks like the ladies will have some good room to grow once you transfer outside....good info and update...really looking forward to seeing the Bad Betty Babes under the sun
Thanks ,. They are all in the ground now will post updates soon as to what's been going on.
I truly hope the DAY finds everyone well. Today I am posting up some pic of what has happen over the last couple months. From Planting day to Current. We have had some ups and downs but still looking forward to a great harvest this fall. There are two sections in my garden the one on the left is the BAD BETTY in the back row, the front row left to right is the BAD BETTY and the rescue with is an LA Confidential crossed with an Afghan Kush. The Left section is my tasty favorites back row left to right Bubblegum. Front row was a Blueberry Muffin but it was male so it has been replaced by a PURPLE SKUNK Kush. And by the Pond it the Pinkleberry which I am really looking forward to.

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Well here is an up date of how things have progress in the garden. The first set will be the BAD BETTY which is a Cross of the TINA and the Strawberry and Cream. When we planted my babies had gotten sexed by a power outage. This happened earlier than I wanted but it is what it is. So having said that the girls had to comeback out of the Bud state and return to the grow state. I do this every year to find the males and remove them. But as you will see I had one of the BAD BETTY's decide it did not want to return to the grow state and just kept Budding. So we have an early Sneak Peek of what to expect from her this fall. The pics will be in order by date taken.
The Pictures of the Bad Betty Budding will be in the next set.

Well here are the Pics of the Bad Betty that did not want to come out of budding. I will say the finished product is very tasty and looks really really good. Looking forward to the fall and see how it comes out full term.

Here are the rest of the babies in the Garden.
The LA Confidential / Afghan Kush
Vanilla Frosting
Bubble Gum
Pinkle Berry
and a new arrival that replaced the BlueBerry Muffin that went Male.
Purple Kush Skunk

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Looks good Myridon, with this recent surge of holiday heat and sunshine I'm hoping for the corresponding
growth spurt myself.

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