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Good Day, thank you for your interest in our auctions for B.O.G’s funeral expenses and general funds to help support Mrs. B.O.G; as Jim went too soon and so unexpectedly. The B.O.G’s have been together for more than 50 years.

In the early years of what would become a now huge industry, B.O.G., it’s safe to say, he was on that forefront.

I’ve heard many many many stories of him giving advice on so many forums. Helping so many people learn to love the plant, and how to get the most out of it.

Over the last 3 years I worked with him, to get his expertise, on the SHN Forum. I wasn’t on the forums way back when, so I looked to one of the best in the community to create content on my forum.

His gear is / has been / will continue to be the base breeding stock for so many of today’s premier breeders. His lines are consistent, tried and true, and packed a punch. His bubble hash was amazing. His lines like Lifesaver, Sour Bubble, Sour Boggle, LSD, Blu-tooth, Sweet Cindy, Sweet and Sour Cindy, Boggle-gum, Blue Kush, Blue Moon Rocks, and Sour Grape to name a few.

Funerals and doctor bills are very expensive these days, and the BOGS were not rich people.

Jim was a strong person and would never ask for help. But he also knew, and would be thankful, that the community would come together and help one another.

We’re asking for that help here, on his behalf so that we may help his beautiful bride and their beloved family.

If you can donate $5, $10, $20 - it would all help.

This go-fund me is hooked directly to Mrs. B.O.G’s bank account. Truly transparent. Please feel rest assured that every dime you donate thru this platform goes DIRECTLY to the person in question.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,


The Real Jamez Bean

This go-fund me is hooked directly to Mrs. B.O.G’s bank account. All Auction proceeds (100%) will also be sent directly to Mrs. B.O.G. Truly transparent. Please feel rest assured that every dime you donate thru either platform goes DIRECTLY to the person in question.

If you wish to contribute to the auction please read our rules for posting/following your auction. If you still have questions after reading please contact Dusty or Rob. Thank you.

Bids for B.O.G. Starts Now - 1/20/21
Our Live Show will be Wednesday 01/06 at 2 pm - 5 pm PST
In order to allow everyone to participate and donate items as they would like - I've opened up my forum to act as an auction platform. This is a show of solidarity not charity.
Here's how it works. (Please read carefully)
1. Log it or create an account. This will allow you to post your own items for bid.
2. Return to this section and post the item or items that are available for the Bids for B.O.G. auction. Bids will end on Monday January 11th at 11:59 p.m., pacific.
3. Share your post.
4. Watch your item for bid, if anyone has questions please answer them. This is you donating to B.O.G.
5. Once the item is sold, mark the item as sold and please ask the winner to donate to the BOG GOFUNDME ( account. It can accept credit cards, And is 100% linked into Pat, his wife of 50 years, checking account. Total transparency. Every dime we help raise, goes to her.
6. Have the winner send you a screenshot with their donation being approved on the GOFUNDME.
7. Once you have verified that the winner is the same as the donator, please ship the item IMMEDIATELY. The shipping of the Item is on behalf of the seller. If this is a major situation contact [email protected]
8. Please ship with tracking as it's the best option to protect everyone and prove shipment of the item. We recommend you send tracking to the winner as well so they know it’s coming.
9. Please sit back for 2-4 minutes, load a bowl in remembrance of Jim, and please know that you're helping pay for his funeral expenses. The loss of a family member and outstanding member of the community can really shock people. I thank you and Pat and Jim Jr. Do as well.
9A. The Disclaimer: All trades by donation have nothing to do with SHN. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING. NOTHING HAS OUR Satisfaction guarantee. We can not be held Responsible for items not shipped, lost in the mail, or not what you thought they would be. This is only to facilitate good deeds. Please be honorable, please do the right thing
10. Thank you, now chill and collect all those good karma points.

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We are moving the auctions over to the Bids4Bog IG account.

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