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Indoor Grow Journal 2021 - Lava Cake (707 SeedBank)
Very nice your babies are doing so well ??? Really looking forward to seeing the growth over the weeks ahead ☺️
(03-29-2021, 01:46 PM)Myridon Wrote: Very nice your babies are doing so well ??? Really looking forward to seeing the growth over the weeks ahead ☺️
those are the comments that keep me going here, very cool input...I do promise a full indoor run til the Harvest End...I might have to start posting some videos to draw
interest to the grow journals..will see, need more feedback from members.
#43 is back up...we are in week 7 of 9 for Lava Cake...I will post photos
of updates tomorrow (Friday) are developing and swelling, all is looking good.

Please stay tuned, and happy this is back up so we can finish our journal grows.
Since the lapse in time with SHN and the forum interruption...this was down almost
six weeks and I nearly gave up the journal entries. Since I am very busy with other
projects, this was difficult to keep up with and not knowing when the site would be back up and running....

So what I have is 6 Lava Cake ladies in week 7 1/2 of flowering. These have all
grown very large in frame and taken up much room in my grow instead
of showing all 6 plants, I pulled out 2 of the best females growing, (1) from the
Heavy 16 nutrients under 600w Quantum and (1) from Fox Farm Organic under KindLED xl1000.

This is just a quick photo from tonight May 15th, I did not have time this weekend
to go through all my pics, but at least I wanted to show the progress of Lava Cake.

The plant on the Left is Lava Cake #1 with the Heavy 16 nutes and Quantum 600 LED, she is more branchy with golf ball buds up and down the stalks, and a wide frame structure, longer leaf tips, light colored green leaves...with more of a Sativa side...Very resinous coated buds and leaves. Smell of pine, hints of sweetness and earthy tones..maybe my nose has covid, but I think these are the scents I am picking up are dense and colorful, with few leaves between the buds

Plant on the Right is Lava Cake #8 with the Fox Farm nutes and xl1000 LED, she is heavier scented in chemy, pine, and a scent of I want to say chocolate but then again, it could be more of a cookie or cake...she is stalkier and shorter with wider darker green leaves, extremely sticky to the touch, showing more of the Indica pheno side...buds are very leafy, but bigger than Lava Cake #1, may be a bit more work to manicure...

I promise to get close up shots of the flowers in the next week. I thank you for
checking out my journal grow and hope you are enjoying...

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Looks good CK. I enjoy reading your journal, detailed and upbeat.
(02-11-2021, 10:01 PM)CK1969 Wrote: Quick update..this is day 31 since seeds were planted...the 11 Lava Cakes all growing strong in the 5.5" Jiffy Pots...

Posts will be weekly until stay tuned, and if you have any questions
on anything, please ask...I have been growing Cannabis a long time and I have some unorthodox ways, which have worked very well for me.

Hi CK,

Just started going through your journal and its been cool to see your grow as someone who has limited interactions with other cannabis growers. I'v never used jiffy pots before but I like the way the roots come through the pot and let you know its time to move on up. I'll give them a try next time around. Great looking grow, and I look forward to continuing through your journal. Happy new year.

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