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hey everyone (my intro)
Hi Everyone,

Wanted to introduce myself and join your online community. I heard about the forum when I went to make my donation to mr B.O.G.’s benefit go fund me. I’ve been on a few other grow forums over the past few years, but I’m not anyone of influence or importance.

Coming up on my 4th year of outdoor growing in the PNW. Been growing indoor (on and off) for a handful of years but not anything spectacular like I see in a lot of other people’s grow journals.

I have Muscular Dystrophy, Congestive Heart Failure, Arthritis, Depression, and a handful of other fun friends as my constant companions. They kinda limit what I’m actually capable of doing in my yard and grow room, so I try to stay within those limitations.

I’m not a very good grower, but moving around the grow room (and yard in summer) is pretty much the only exercise I still get.
Welcome GG,
We got a couple grow journals started for outdoor this season. I hope you will follow along and maybe we can both get better and learn from our experiences.
I would be the first to admit, I don't know as much as I want to about allot of things, gardening being one of them. I plan to be open about what I'm doing, questions are encouraged.


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