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Variations in the Garden Green
Hello Everyone....I am working on the Lava Cake in the Grow Journal Forum and while this is just getting up and going I thought I would post a separate current grow I have which is about to go into flower 12/12 cycle.

Under this canopy are 33 mixed cannabis plants all grown out from seed and the best and strongest of the surviving females were set aside for this grow. Included are also 3 clones from Mom plants I grew from seed. All of the seeds were purchased from SHN except Testa Rossa and Forbidden Candy, so that is why I thought I would put this up. If there are any strains I mentioned you are interested in seeing updates while in flower all the way til harvest and cure, just let me know...I will be randomly posting the progress of different strains over the next couple of months.

Plants are all females, no feminized, no auto grow, no hermes, no males...

They have been in Veg for 6 weeks under (2) 650w HLG Samsung LED's and (1) xl1000 KindLED. All in 5 gallon pots in happy frog soil. Feeding with Heavy 16 nutrient line.

In this Garden:

Aficionado: Sprinklez, 13th Ghost, VS1, Baquettes, Rose Especial and 1 clone each from my Moms of Testa Rossa, Sorbetto, Forbidden Candy

707 Seedbank: Catpiss

Utopia Farms: Holy Banana

Sagemasta Select: Sagemaster

Duke Diamonds Vault: C99 x Vortex

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I would love to see more about the Catpiss, VS1, and Holy Banana!
Thanks Rob...In the next week I will pull aside VS1, Catpiss and Holy Banana and take some photos...I'll do a week by week of the same plants until harvest...since I purchased the VS1 and Catpiss here at SHN, and the Holy Banana was a freebie from one of the 1k purchases from SHN...I'll even take some final flower shots once cured and trimmed....

Attached are photos from today, 5 days after 12/12 switch...they have some way to go.

p.s. I was doing a grow last year under Green Hare on the site with photos and some videos, but had family emergency and had to scrap the I am making it up with this grow and also doing the journal grow Lava Cake....

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Here is a quick update...sorry Rob, have been super busy and haven't had a chance to pull out the VS1, Catpiss and Holy Banana yet, but I will be making cuts this weekend on all ladies, so I will then show some close ups..

The ladies are now in week 2 of flowering, all going very good and strong....see below everything I am currently growing

In this Garden:


Sprinklez - (Gelato 33 X White Caviar F3) White Caviar = Zkittlez X Magnum Opus X Sour Diesel x Chemdawg SR

13th Ghost - (Louis XIII OG x (Ghost OG x (Ghost OG x Creme Brulee)

VS1 - (Grape Pie So-Cal Cut X Sorbetto F3) Sorbetto = Sunset Sherbet X (Zkittlez X Magnum Opus)

Baquettes - Paris OG “Clone-Only” x Offwhite OG

White Cherry Truffle - 2012 Chemdawg Special Reserve x Cherry Lime #4 x Highland Afghani

Rose Especial - (Zkittlez x Long Valley Reserve F1)

1 clone of Testa Rossa - Zkittles x (Zkittles x Magnum Opus BX1)

1 clone of Sorbetto - Sunset Sherbet x Zkittlez x F10 Magnum Opus

1 clone of Forbidden Candy - (Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown) X (Royal Kush f9 x Highland Afghani)

707 Seedbank:


Utopia Farms:

Holy Banana - Big Sur Holy Weed x C. Banana

Sagemasta Select:

Sagemaster - 93 Master Kush X S.A.G.E

Duke Diamonds Vault:

C99 x TGA Vortex

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Hello SHN community....just an update to the multi grow garden I have going (just for fun and experimentation) I am also doing the Grow Journal of 707 SeedBank - Lava Cake, so I have lots going on at the moment...

We are at the end of week 3 of flower, I took more random photos and some shots of the Catpiss and VS1 with a single shot of the Holy Banana, I have never grown this strain, so should be interesting to see where this one goes.

Once the flowers start to fill in a bit more, I will take separate photos of all the strains I have going...

Estimating 5 to 6 more weeks to harvest...going to make it short (8-9 weeks) ...I'll need the space once Lava Cake is ready to move into the flower room...

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Just starting in Week 5 of this is around day 37 since we flipped to 12/12. Most of the strains will be
8-9 week, so we are still looking at 25 to 30 more days of flowering before Harvest. I will start to remove some
of the leaves for light filtration so buds can develop.

Again, these are all Mom plants, so I am mainly growing to seek 1 of each strain to keep. I have already cut and cloned
all plants, clones are in domes and fully rooted, so my next garden will be the prime of all the strains currently growing.

I'll take some photos of the cuts tomorrow with roots. I have labeled and categorized all cuts to their Mom plants, so
as they flower, I will know which clones came from the strongest robust Moms.

Grow Room is in a highly controlled conditioned indoor environment. Absolutely no pests, no mold or fungus, all without
having to spray or go crazy from mites, aphids or any other problem, which is most beneficial to your plants and garden,
not an easy task to be consistent and maintain, and it takes lots of discipline, and in the end it is all worth it.

If you are ever interested in seeing more of my work..I have literally thousands upon thousands of photos from over the
many years of growing, from seed to harvest and cured flower.

Thanks for checking this grow out, and more to follow...

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Latest update...we are in mid week 6 of flowering...about 3 more weeks til are beginning to swell over last few days. I think some of these strains (Cat Piss), (13th Ghost), (Holy Banana) and (Baquettes) could go to week 10, as they seem to be a little behind in flower development.

Then again, this is just for experimentation, as I have over 10 different strains going currently in this grow. All started from seed, I am looking for select phenotypes for keepers.

Also, I made several cuts of each around 3 weeks ago...see photo. After roots were showing, (photo is of actual rooted clone), I then pulled out (1) of each plants strongest cut and put in a 3" pot with Happy Frog Soil. They are now starting their cloned life under the X80 KindLED veg light bar.

All remaining cuts were donated to local growers...

Probably still not interesting til I get to the final week of Harvest...At that point I will show how each strain grew out with photos of flowers before cut and after curing.

Attached Files

Here are a few photos a week before I harvest the full Garden. Since no one
has really responded with any questions...I am just going to show pics with
a few close ups every day as we get closer and closer to harvest...

Mainly this was just to select cuts from the best females of each this
really was just a tester grow overall...

I will be doing several grows in the future here on stay tuned.

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Looks good CK. Look forward to seeing the finished buds
Time to start harvesting the Garden!!!

I need to make space for the Lava Cake grow I am we are cutting these ladies just a little
over 8 weeks....I just started to thin out and remove all leaves. It will be another 2 or 3 days til I cut
everything down...

Attached are some photos under low level light...and I will be posting many pics over the next day
or two of each and every strain...and also, once buds are cured, I'll post final photos.

I took cuts of my favorites, VS1, 13th Ghost, Sprinklez, and Baquettes....I have continued cuts of
my other elites, Testa Rossa, Sorbetto and Forbidden Candy....

Coming up next I will be posting strain by strain, with photo of plant and up close shot of flower.

Stay tuned

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