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Aficionado x 4 - Elite Grow in the Land of the New Rising LED
What we have here are 4 packs of seeds that I plan to start an indoor grow within the next 2 to 3 months. (I am working on the Lava Cake Journal and all ladies just went into flowering) so I need to wait til I have the garden empty.

The seeds in the photos are:

Triple Cherry (Cherry Pie (Bay Area Cut)) x (Cherry Noir #18 x White Cherry Truffle)

Sacred Sour (2007 Sour Diesel IBL) #72 x (Original Diesel BX1)

GTR (G6 Jet Fuel "Clone Only x Topanga Canyon OG x Original Diesel BX1)

Rainbird (Light Blue Cap) (no box) (Covelo Sour Diesel x B9) x (Forum GSC x Jahgoo) (gifted to me by Aficionado Seeds).

The GTR is a 10 plus week and the Sacred Sour is 12 to 14 week. Both the Triple Cherry and Rainbird are 8 weeks. maybe push 9 to 10 week on Triple Cherry.

If I see some interest from any one, I will do this grow on SHN and I promise it to be very detailed and enlightening...a couple of these are extremely rare and highly sought after strains, and I will grow these as I am in the journal grow. 100% professional from seed to harvest.

and did you know that Cannabis just loves the music of Jimi....

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I for one am definitely interested in seeing your triple cherry grow.
(03-27-2021, 09:27 PM)Rick Wrote: I for one am definitely interested in seeing your triple cherry grow.
Thank you for the support Rick, this is what I am looking for , some incentive..
this is the Triple Cherry I will be keeping a couple of males for pollen and will
be working on a cross with the Triple OG from Exotic Genetix

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