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New Testimonials for June 9th, 2021
How's it going everyone? It's time to relax and read some good reviews from our amazing supporters!

Adam H: Growing strong
All seeds popped and are growing strong. Best service ships out right away I can just go on. These guys rock and have quality inventory.

Leeroy: Best service ever
Great service and quick shipping(even to New Zealand)
Every one of these 16 seeds in this pack germinated within 48 hours.
Thank you

Chuck S: Great service
Great! Super stoked

Anonymous: My favorite seed bank
This is my favorite seed bank, communication is always on point and the shipping is always quick.

Robert D: Very easy to navigate around the site easy enough for payment , thanks again

Cardell W: Seedsherenow website is easy to navigate and find what you need..There processing and shipping has got to be one of the fastest out

William W: Incredible Service!
No questions asked, instantly replaced what needed to be replaced! Fast!!! Love the people and their attitude!

John K: Epic
Service is always top shelf :muscle:

I had an amazing shopping experience using this company. My order was shipped promptly, and even came with a free French macaron strain seed. I am now a customer for life

Anonymous: Blue Grease
Quality genetics from a quality seedbank. Their service is second to none.

Anonymous: Seeds here now review
Great service fast delivery hope products is as good, I’ll use them in the future

David O: Always a great experience!

Thank you all for the reviews! We appreciate you!!

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