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New Testimonials for June 25th, 2021
Happy Friday once again everyone! It's time to read some 'dope' reviews left by you all!

Joshua S: Happy customer
Great experience all around

Phillip P: Shopping your site always a gas! Especially with some Deadhead OG in the mix!
Isn't here yet, but I have faith in the genetics as well as Rasta Jeff's dedication to extreme care in pheno selection.

Anonymous: Happy Customer never disappoints, customer service and products are always amazing!

Anonymous: Hooray for seeds from inside the USA
Speed was literally shocking when compared to seeds coming from the great white north, or overseas. And the product arriving, instead of a letter from the Canadian government saying "we took your shit, eh !" was a ray of frikn sunshine. Oh ! And to top it off, no one else had this specific strain I had been hunting for , which made my day. Highly recommend seeds here now. Keep up the good work

Albert C: Smooth
Everything went so smooth, having use any of them but they all look great. Now it my job to make these seed work. Thanks for making this experience SMOOTH

Jason R: Amazing
Service is awesome the delivery is super fast ,have to get me another pack before they run out the seed are real real good

SmokeandHipHop: FREE THE DUKE
Great buying experience. Glad I could help Duke out in the process of getting new beans.

That's it for this week! Remember to stay happy, healthy, and cool in these very warm times.

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