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Marionberry kush/ Skunkband v2
Grow Specs:
Date: 1/8/2022
Cultivar: Skunkband v2
Breeder: Dominion Seed Company
Cultivar2: Marionbury Kush
Breeder2: Heroes of the Farm
Current Pot Size: 3”, 4”
Pot type: plastic nursery pots
Soil: Green All Natural and Organic Soil
Nutrient: N/A
Light Type: LED
Light Make: Platinum
Light Model: P300
Photoperiod: 15/9
Days in Photoperiod: 2
Tent Dimensions: 3’x3’x5’

Grow Notes:
Hi everyone,
I’m trying to get this year started off right and decided to sprout some seeds of my favorite strains I’ve grown in the last 4 years: Skunkband v2 by Dominion seed company and Marionberry Kush by Heroes of the Farm/ TGA. I’m actually going through the last of my seed supply now and have been looking for some new strains and breeders to try so anyone with suggestions please feel free to send them my way. I’m by no means an expert grower, but I’ve encountered many problems and overcome most of them over the years. I’ve been growing cannabis for 5ish years but been a gardener for over 20 years. I always tell people I got my green thumb from killing so many plants over the years that all their green life left their plant cells and went straight to my thumb. So, anyone who sees me doing any major or minor mistakes feel free to let me know. I’m a big boy and can handle a bit of criticism and do these journals for my own personal grows to learn and grow myself. I’ve already done a grow journal of skunkband v2 on here and its pretty embarrassing as I look back so I’m here for redemption!

On Thursday night, 1/6/22, I filled and packed 6 pots with Green All Natural Organic soil, then watered the pots in a 12” saucer. I then took 3 seeds of marionberry kush and 3 seeds of skunkband v2 and placed one into the center of each pot and pressed the seeds slightly into the soils until just below the soil surface line and pinched the top shut. I then filled my .5 gallon sprayer with tap water and a generous splash of hydrogen peroxide then sprayed the soil surface thoroughly to ensure the seeds had good contact with moisture and settle into the soil without being flooded out. Today less than 36 hours after I planted the seeds I can see a root emerge from one skunkband v2 pot. This continues my run of very quickly germinating gear from dominion seed company. My tent temperatures have been in the highs of 73f-75f when my light is on and lows of about 66f at night. Relative humidity has been in the 45%-52% range. Pretty ideal so far. Let the good times roll.

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