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adding fruit juice to water source for enhanced terp production
Yooooo ive been wondering how your trial went! So syked to hear allwent wellfor ya!! Keep me posted thank you!
Hope the season was a good one for you!!
yo j!

whatever is happening with this, who knows?

but it does work, the plant that got the juice flavors were a bit more intense than the rest of the same cuttings.

i wonder if it's the same effect as the sugar water trick Duke talked about before?

thanks for getting me interested in this topic, gonna play with it.
Hey hey! Hell yea I'm glad you gave this a try! Also glad you had good results!!
I had the chance to chat it up a bit with duke at harvest cup... He uses fruit juices too and agrees that it boosts terps / flavors / aromas.
We did not discuss why it works! Next chance I get I will get his thoughts on why and how...
The most obvious answer would be; the roots soak up the juice and it inturn deposits the flavors in the flower... However I don't think thats realy whats going on here...
When adding sugars to the soil you are feeding microbes not so much the plant... Those microbes break down nutrients and exchange with the plant for sugars... A help me help you relationship. The plant actually comunicates to the microbes through a complex process of which I cannot spell all the words to explain lol. Yadayada... So when we make sugars available to the microbes by adding them via water source, the microbes can now feed from that rather than soley relying on exchange from the plant... Dose that mean the plant now retains more sugars of its own? If so dose that meen the plant has more of what it needs stored up for the final ripening phase? Alot of questions come to mind wile writing this all down...
Is it even related to sugars?! Or is it somthing totally all together diff?? Lol

Hey thanks for the update on this!! Somthing I'm very intrested in...
Would love to hear any input or details you wana share! Hope your smokin nothing but the best my friend... Bongcheers!!

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