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Basic types of essays
There are many varieties of myassignmenthelp reviews. But, in general, we can distinguish the following 4 types:
In a narrative essay, the author tells a story from real life. It seems like what could be easier. In fact, involving the reader in his story is not so easy. In this type of essay, narrating events in chronological order will not be enough. The author needs to interest the reader, to make the story as vivid as possible, so that the reader wants to become a part of the described events and can easily be "transported" into the story. More often such essays are written in the 1st person in the present or past tense.
Writing such essays can be compared to painting a picture. The author can describe a person or an object, a place, an event. Comparisons, sensory details, colorful epithets should be used. When reading a descriptive essay, a picture should appear in a person's mind, or better yet, a movie.
Argumentative essay
Only facts and no emotions. This type of essay is based solely on evidence - statistics and official data. The argumentative essay sometimes uses such a technique as providing a counter argument (an opposing opinion). Then the author refutes the counter-argument using facts and evidence, and thus strengthens his point of view.
A persuasive essay differs from an argumentative essay in that in addition to facts, the author expresses his or her emotions and personal opinion. In such an essay, the author tries to convince the reader that he or she is right and prove his or her point of view using facts, logic, expert opinions and examples. The author must present all sides of the argument in order to convince the reader of the absolute brightness of his/her point of view.

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Hello Kaitlyn, this is Marilyn K from the US. These four types of essays are enough for me to highlight my ideas because i am about to finished my online course of English literature and hopefully get my Findcourses certification but the thing is i am getting confused about the start up and topic of an essay if you could highlight some topics and start up techniques then it will be more ease for me, thank you.

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