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German genetics?
On the Bubba/therealseedco episode of TADS, which was awesome by the way.

Germany was brought up somewhere in there by the realseed guy and i made the mistake of bringing up German genetics in the chat.

I quickly realized that a chatroom was not the best place to bring up a subject that i have received ridicule for since i was 18.

This is what i know about it from my experience, but the Nirvanaseed boys may be able to fill in some gaps. I'll explain.

I went to high school with a German kid named Nikolas, Niko was born in Germany with health issues and his parents moved to the US for specialists.

Niko's parents traveled to Germany 3 times a year, the solstices and around May day. I know this because he didn't always go and we partied at his house.

New Year of '97 changed my life because that was the first time i ever smoked hash.

Niko brought it back with him from his xmas trip and i will never forget the day after school we went to his house and he opened that duct tape.

Inside this thick duct tape strap he smuggled back the night before was a nice sized disk of pressed hash in foil wrap and a bunch of seeds in another foil wrap.

A little more on Niko smuggling at 18, this dude also brought back Absinthe regularly back before it was legal as well, they must have flown private.

While we were smoking a tiny piece of that hash(me for the first time).

He explained to me how he sifted what we were smoking with his cousin in Germany.

Niko said his uncles had him and his cousin trimming fresh plants and sifting cured leaf and bud pretty much the whole time he was there.

He also told me there was a few special plants they sifted that had seeds in it and his cousin was supposed to collect all those.

Niko snagged a handful of the seeds and the hash cake as pay for bustin his ass for a week on vacation.

As i was experiencing the best tasting cannabis i ever had up to that point, those seeds were shining at me.

I knew growers and i also knew i had something Niko would trade for some of those seeds.

When i finally convinced him to trade, he knew he had me and got the better end of the deal.

He received a VERY large bag of mushrooms the next day and i left his house with a bunch of the worst looking white shriveled seeds he had.

I can almost guarantee that he never did anything with the better looking ones because he became a straight up family man in his 20's.

At this time i did not know much about genetics other than what was available to me then(Mexi brick, Beasters, Skunk, NLHaze in order of quality).

I approached the growers i knew with those seeds and when my answer to the question "where they from?" was Germany, they looked at me as if i was holding the plague or at the very least bagseed.

This is pretty much the reaction i have received every time i bring it up but for some reason i never learn to shut up about it.

I thought i could possibly find out whether or not they had a known name by asking Niko to call his cousin.

My thinking was maybe the growers would grow them if it was something they recognized.

It was easier than i thought to get the phone call but was hard to understand when it happened. The only rule beforehand was "be vague".

His cousin was very open and was even asking his dad stuff in German to answer my questions.

They were very proud of the stuff and claimed it was their creation and bitched about how it had been bastardized in Amsterdam most of the conversation, as well as preaching about hydroponics. If we were being listened to they probly thought he had a tulip variety stolen.

Niko's uncle in Germany started with Kashroc because he had experience in N. India and wanted that back.

They were small but very "white and fuzzy" according to him, he also said his setup was not complete when he grew those.

His brother ordered some S. African #34 soon after because the best flower he had experienced was in Johannesburg.

He described it as a large branchy bush with sweet black licorice smell and neither plant worked for either brother.

They seeded every crop they grew, which at the time i didn't understand was odd, i thought it was an odd thing to mention back then.

Those two lines were crossed and over time it became what i ended up with in the 90's.

I was told they never gave it a name but eventually seeded flowers made it to Adam because of how they operated and the Dutch ran with it.

They went on to say that someone chose a fuzzy, heavy flowering but incredibly weak example of it and spread that all over Adam.

I took the basic information of Kashrocs x S. African #34 and the description notes i wrote down to the growers.

The response was classic, i was handed the piece of paper back and told there was a reason it was discontinued.

I didn't even know what that meant at the time, but i was eventually trained by those guys and now i know.

I forgot about those seeds until 2012 when i was looking for something different and decided to save money and stress by trying to pop those instead of buying 10 packs from Europe.

I planted every seed i had, expecting very few to germinate but was surprised at how successful it was, a little more than 50%.

Those plants told me exactly what the brothers' goal was in their breeding program. Hash off of uniform plants was the goal.

All the plants had the same bushy structure with heavy frosty buds, but the flavors and highs were all over the place.

Everything from soaring sativa highs that smell/tasted like licorice to couchlock indica that smell/tasted like being behind a garbage truck on a summer day in traffic and everything in between from basically identical plants, i was amazed at how diverse cannabis could be.

Now where the Nirvanaseeds boys come in is how they usually do, knocking something off.

As far as i can tell from reading descriptions, what i have is the original line that eventually became known as Industrial Plant/Power Plant(PP).

Power Plant(PP) is known as bunk coffeeshop bud, which is what the Germans were complaining about.

Nirvana offers something called Pure Power Plant with a similar description to what i have.

I'm not sure how "pure" Nirvana's version is, i was not there and i don't support people who make knockoffs.

They are known for using Skunk #1 males on cuttings. So my assumption is German x Skunk#1 is what they are selling as PPP.

That's about everything i know about German genetics aside from it being a nice little line that has served me well.

Nobody wanting this stuff has helped me out quite a bit over the years and i don't see that attitude changing, so...LUCKY ME!
quick summary:
Elka has a shitty example of a known shitty strain Tongue
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