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organic forum check in thread
Skunk Apex! representing Soul Grown Cannabis!

Started off at 15 reading overgrow and helping friends with grows. 

Pulled a crop in Florida and found a bunch of material to work with.

Currently living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and exploring cultivars up in this region.

All organic and local compost, going with worms as well this year, and spring water. 

Strains ill be running 

BlueCheese x Mexican Lemon
BlueCheese x Mexican Hashplant
White Widow x Cookies
Mephisto Bubbasquanch
Mephisto Deez Nuggs
Cali Fruit X Mexican Hashplant
Mexican Male X Cali Fruit
Mexican Male X Mexican Hashplant
Mexican Male X Mexican Lemon
Cali Fruit
Sour Jack
Og Lemon Haze
Hemp Seed 

All grown above 4500ft
Organic grower here I run notill and rols.. R/O water, aact, and fpe in flower... Nothing fancy. Hand water. If anybody has any questions for me just ask. Hope to share my knowlage of this plant and learn from you all!
Yo yooo.. this brethren checking in from the east coast. Got the good 4x8bed  running a clacks/b.a.s. mix. Still trying to dial in the blumats.... dominion skunk and lemon lime diesel from topdawg. Got a couple cycles already and just keeps getting better! Hope to continue to learn and grow along!
What's up all!!!

I grow with Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, I was using General Hydroponics nutrients, 1000 watt Mars LED in Galaxy grow tents. I just harvested recently and I'm starting a new crop with Humboldt and my Mycotek seeds. Has anyone used Fox Farms nutrients? If so, how did you like them?

Have an awesome weekend!!!
Hey everyone

I'm planning on running LOS for the first time very soon. I'll probably go with a Coots based soil, I'm a long time coco grower and look forward to my first organic grow.
Hello from London England,
I grow in a 4 x 4 bed started beginning of 2015, not sure how many harvest now.
It was very hard to source inputs here in the city then especially compared to you lucky lot in the states.
Pretty much a lot of what everyone else does here I suppose as most my knowledge of this started with the rols threads and coot on tads.
Haven’t bothered with teas really, minimal inputs needed now either life’s just easy compared to the old rdwc days.
Just managed to find someone to send me some dominion seeds bits over so I look forward to sharing and meeting good people .
while I’m here
Stay blessed

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